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2004 Turkey Season

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2004 Turkey
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Bill Goley Jr. & Sr.
Bill Goley Jr. & Bill Goley Sr. with a Texas Tom! [Click on picture to enlarge.]

FREE Turkey Hunt Winner Claims His Prize!
Last fall, Bill Goley Sr. of Lewisburg, KY, won a free spring turkey hunt in Texas with Canyon Creek Outfitters.  Goley Sr. traveled to Del Rio, Texas for the opening weekend of spring turkey season on April 3 – 5, 2004 to claim his prize.  He invited two of his friends from the Russellville, KY area and his son, Bill Goley Jr. to accompany him on his prize hunt. 

Goley Sr. took his prize on the morning the season opened in Texas on an 18,000-acre ranch in Val Verde County.   His three-year-old gobbler had a 9 inch beard Large spurs and  colorful feathers.   Goley Sr., Billy Jr., and their guide Tracy Beams set-up near a grove of oak trees and called just as the sun broke on the first day of Spring Turkey season. Their patience paid off as the tom answer them and came within 8 yards. Goley Sr. squeezed off his shot.  Complete elation followed.


Goley Sr. said, “My wife entered me in the contest.  I didn’t think much about it because I don’t ever win anything.  But I’m glad I won this.  This was one of the most exciting hunts I have had on turkey. And I’ll be hunting with Canyon Creek Outfitters again in the future!”


Be sure to visit our photo gallery to see all the pictures!

Carl & Eldon with Texas Gobbler
Carl Wilson of TexasOutdoorsman.com & Guide Eldon Whitworth

2004 Spring Turkey Hunt
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The Group on Opening Day
Hunting Group for Spring Turkey on April 3 - 5, 2004
Tyge Floyd
Tyge Floyd ready to hunt!
Bill Goley & Guide Tracy Beams
Bill Goley Sr. & Guide Tracy Beams

J.B.'s Big Bird!
J.B. Atchinson of Kentucky with Guide Carl Cooley.

Texas Gobbler!
Texas gobbler strutin' his stuff!

Editors from TexasOutdoorsman.com Hunt with Canyon Creek Outfitters

Tyge Floyd, Editor and Carl Wilson, Field Editor of TexasOutdoorsman.com opened up Spring Turkey Season with Canyon Creek Outfitters in Pandale, Texas.  Here's what Tyge had to say about his experience with Canyon Creek Outfitters:
"Carl and I enjoyed hunting with you this past weekend. I'm fortunate enough to get the opportunity to hunt with several outfitters and ranches all over the country each year. A lot of them have got a long way to go to match your dedication to hunters, hunting and the overall experience as far as I'm concerned. You have a heck of an outfit, some of the greatest guides I've ever seen in one camp and it's obvious you are all having a great time hunting."
Tyge Floyd, Editor-TexasOutdoorsman.com

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