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4 Giant Texas Bucks

Texas is home to some big deer, and we’re here to prove it! If you thought the Lone Star State was all about cows, think again. With its vast grasslands and forests, Texas has become a mecca for hunters looking for the biggest bucks around. Join us as we take a look at four remarkable bucks that were harvested from Texas soil over the course of 2020 – each one bigger and more impressive than the last! Prepare to be astonished by these incredible animals as you read along.

  1. Introducing the bucks of 2020! The first buck harvested from Texas soil this year was a massive 17-point non-typical, with an impressive score of 224 6/8 B&C. This deer was taken in the Houston area by hunter Chase McKeown and is sure to be talked about for years to come.
  2. Following that incredible kill was another big buck, taken in the Panhandle region by hunter Clay Muehlberger. This 12-point buck had an astonishing antler spread of 28 inches and scored 186 6/8 B&C – making it one of the biggest bucks harvested in the entire state this year!
  3. Next up is an even bigger monster – a 15-point non-typical buck with a whopping score of 231 5/8 B&C. This deer was taken in the Hill Country by Hunter Jeff Klibanoff and is sure to be remembered for its impressive size.
  4. Last, but certainly not least, is a massive 18-point non-typical buck that scored an unbelievable 233 7/8 B&C – making it one of the biggest bucks ever to come out of Texas! This amazing animal was harvested in the central portion of the state by hunter Stephen Whitehead and will be talked about for years to come.

The bucks in their natural environment

Before these bucks were harvested, they roamed their habitats freely. Texas is home to a wide variety of terrains, from the rolling hills and woodlands of the Hill Country to the dense forests of East Texas. The habitat available to deer in Texas is incredibly diverse, providing them with everything they need to thrive – including plenty of food sources, water sources, and space to roam. This diversity in terrain also contributes greatly to the size and quality of bucks that can be found within its borders. As the lucky few who have gotten the chance to hunt there can tell you, Texas is a prime destination for big game hunters looking for trophy-sized deer. And with even more land becoming available for hunting each year, it’s no wonder so many are giving Texas a try! So check out the great outdoors of the Lone Star State and make sure to keep an eye out for the bucks of 2020 – you never know what kind of amazing animal you might find! Good luck, and happy hunting. With these four incredible bucks as proof, there‚Äôs no doubt that Texas has some of the best big game hunting around. So take your pick from any one of its diverse terrains and get ready for a hunt you won’t soon forget! Who knows – maybe you’ll be the lucky hunter to take home one of these monster bucks next year! Happy hunting!

The importance of conservation in deer management

The success stories behind each one of these incredible bucks would not have been possible without proper deer management and conservation efforts. Texas is one of the few states in the U.S. that actively manages its deer population, which has resulted in healthier herds and larger antlers for all types of game animals, including those featured here. Texas employs various techniques to manage their deer populations, such as managing harvest quotas and enforcing bag limits. They also take steps to improve habitats through habitat restoration projects, which provide an ideal environment for big bucks to grow and thrive.These conservation efforts are essential to ensuring that big bucks like these remain healthy and abundant in Texas, so they can continue to be enjoyed by hunters like you! And with more land becoming available for hunting each year, there’s even more reason to get out there and make your mark on the big game scene.

A strong future for deer hunting in Texas

The four impressive bucks featured here are just a glimpse into what Texas has to offer hunters who come looking for big game. With plentiful resources, diverse habitats, and active conservation efforts, Texas is sure to remain a top destination for trophy-sized deer long into the future. So if you’re looking for a place to go hunting this season, look no further than the Lone Star State!

What makes Texas bucks so big and powerful?

So what is it that makes Texas bucks so big and powerful? Well, there are a few key factors that contribute to why Texas deer grow to such impressive sizes. First of all, the diverse habitats in Texas provide an abundance of natural resources for deer. Deer need plenty of food sources to stay healthy and grow large antlers, and the wide variety of terrains found in Texas ensures they have access to plentiful amounts of nutrition. Additionally, ample water sources help keep them hydrated throughout their life cycle – something that’s especially important during hot summer months. Second, active conservation efforts help ensure that deer herds remain healthy and well-populated. By managing harvest quotas and enforcing bag limits, Texas helps sustain its deer population so that hunters can continue to harvest big bucks year after year. Third, Texas’ mild winters also play a role in the size and quality of bucks that are found there. Because deer don’t have to survive harsh winter conditions like they would in other parts of the country, they’re able to grow bigger antlers and reach larger sizes than their counterparts elsewhere. But even with all these factors working together, it still takes a skilled hunter to take home one of these monster bucks! So if you’re looking for an unforgettable hunting experience this season, look no further than the Lone Star State!

How to hunt Texas bucks?

So now that you know what makes Texas bucks so impressive, how can you hunt one? Well, it’s all about planning and preparation.

First off, make sure to do your research on the best hunting spots in Texas. There are a variety of terrains throughout the state, so you’ll need to narrow down which ones have the conditions that would be ideal for hunting big game. Once you’ve found your spot, gather as much information as possible about the area before heading out. Study maps of the region, get familiar with local regulations and access points, and make sure that you have all the necessary equipment for a successful hunt – from camouflaged clothing to scents and calls. When it comes time to actually hunt, make sure to be as stealthy and patient as possible. Follow the deer’s tracks, set up a stand far away from any human activity, and keep your movements slow and steady.


Big bucks are an exciting challenge that Texas hunters can enjoy year after year. With diverse habitats, abundant resources, and active conservation efforts, Texas is the perfect place to hunt for trophy-sized deer. So if you’re looking for a unique hunting experience this season, make sure to check out what the Lone Star State has to offer!

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